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Who indeed.

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I bought viva glam Rihanna 2 and I may never take it off.
Goals (sorry laguerra)


she had no fucks left to spare for this job, i live


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Today I have seen multiple cicadas

Like whole actual cicadas.

Cicadas are representative of metamorphosis and rebirth. As someone who is a big fan of what I’d call “spontaneous divination”, I like to take opportunities like seeing many cicadas to reflect on them.

I still definitely feel that I am at the beginning of my metamorphosis, though it is definitely moving fast! I am excited for the future and everything is holds.

Cicadas also have the unique ability to lay dormant for many years, essentially choosing the time of their own birth. This strikes me as a perfect metaphor for my life right now. I have chosen my birth date, and it is now. I am reborn as the person I chose to be, free of the constraints of biological expectations and the concepts others have of me.

I enjoy opportunities like this because the chance to reflect inward is so valuable and many times I forget to stop and take stock.

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I wore a plaid button up today for the first time in like a year Cus I had to divorce plaid for a while but I look very androfemme with my plaid and ponytail and my hair is like way on point today Cus it’s like day 3 since washing it so its perfection today

Idk I’m like way cute.

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